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We can enhance a vehicle to our Pre-CPO status

Pre-CPO vehicles

  • Have all books, two master keys and one valet key
  • Have all open recalls closed and maintenance completed per Volkswagen of America suggested service schedule
  • Are inspected using the Volkswagen of America comprehensive Certified pre-owned checklist
  • Have been mechanically reconditioned to Volkswagen of America Certified pre-owned standards
  • Receive oil and filter service
  • Receive a CARFAX® report after the sale (franchise dealers only)
  • Are eligible to be enrolled in Volkswagen of America Certified pre-owned program (when purchased by a Volkswagen franchise dealer)
Volkswagen franchise dealers only

A Volkswagen representative will enter a certification request into the Vehicle Certification Administration System (VCAS), which will remain open for 6 months, provided the buyer is registered under the franchise dealer code. Dealer is responsible to report the sale to activate the Certified pre-owned warranty.
Volkswagen Credit supports the value of our products. Our enhancements help these vehicles get to your sale lot sooner, while spending less time in your repair shop. Please keep in mind that not all programs are available at all locations.

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