Volkswagen Credit Dealer Remarketing keeps Volkswagen franchise dealers and independent wholesale dealers across the country informed on available vehicle inventory, so you can stock your lot with the best cars for your customers.

You’re probably aware that when it comes to bidding, you have options. You can bid in-person, online in real time, or attend an auction virtually through simulcast.

We created this central hub so you can start the process through one channel.

And we go a couple steps further. You’ll find an introduction to the benefits of the Auction Plus Program, times and dates for upcoming auctions in our Auction Calendar and our latest events and deals. So when you’ve got some inventory to fill, we look forward to being your source for off-lease vehicles; Everything you need to know about auctions.

Your Regional Team

Eastern Region Manager

Eric Stephens

Alternative Sales Specialist

Jason Schwan

Remarketing Sales Specialist

Chuck Porter

Manager Sales & Inventory Optimization

Luben Mitevski

Remarketing Sales Specialist

Brandon Hall

Remarketing Sales Specialist

Todd Kaitis

Western Region Manager

David Siebert

Remarketing Sales Specialist

Andrew Lodes